Location in UK revealed

Frith Farm agreed to host our supercritical CO2 extraction pilot at their facility nearby Basingstoke UK. We look forward to work with Jim, Pete and their team at Frith Farm on extracting various exciting feedstocks that they grow.

We will be hosting a number of demo days throughout 2020 as well as accepting bookings for trials. If you would like to be updated on availability drop us a line or subscribe below.

Strategic partnership signed with Tournaire

Since summer 2019 we have been in communication with one of the oldest manufacturers of distillation equipment in the world, the company found in 1833. Nova Extraction is now a technology partner of Tournaire and provides expertise and fulfilment of supercritical CO2 extraction demands.

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SEO Agency 

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Meet us at Bioket 2020 – Lille, France

We are happy to join the Bioket community in 2020. We plan to share our experience in clean-tech extraction technology of using supercritical CO2 as an extraction media. Thank you Tournaire for a kind invitation to their section on EcoExtractions). We also will talk about potential benefits of on-site extraction.

We also will take part in start-up village presentations where we will have a table with brochures. Come and say hi.

If you would like to meet at Bioket say hi here and we will arrange a slot. We will be there 10-12 March


We signed a contract with Kazakhstan National University

Thanks to the team of Kazakhstan National University for trust and ordering a laboratory pilot extraction system for their team in Almaty. Next 6 months we will be building a modular high performance pilot supercritical fluid extraction device that they will be using in research.

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Climate KIC – Investors’ Day

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